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Connecting to Christ through Small Group
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What is Small Group Ministry?

A ministry that reaches out to members and the community through intentional, smaller groups of the individuals designed to:

What kind of Small Groups are there

Why should I get involved in a Small Group?

A church can be a lonely place unless relationships are made with others. Small groups within the church provide an environment where people can connect with others while pursuing spiritual transformation in their lives.  Small Groups are a way of "doing life together," sharing the joy and trials of life with others.  God’s desire for us is to experience community with Him and with others.  God is love and He wants us to experience His love and share it in all of our relationships.  He has created, in each one of us, a longing to know others and be known by them.  As we join in community with others, we take part in God’s design and plan for our lives.

Small Group Covenant

 The Small Group Covenant is a shared agreement of the purpose of the group, what the participants want to accomplish, and the responsibilities of each participant.

The basic tenets of small group:

Biblical Evidence of Small Group

Ellen White Speaks

“Preach less and educate more, by holding Bible readings, and by praying with families and little companies...”  Gospel Workers, p. 193.